Winter Walking Women

Ingrid Irrlichts poetic Winter Walking Women are designed for the cold season and enchant all Christmas markets.


Lucinda the Wishing Star

Perfect for performing on dark winter afternoons and evenings, „Lucinda“ shines her precious blue light. As presents from distant galaxies she hands little bits of shooting stars to the passersby.  Each is „for one wish!“

Majestic: Snow Queen „Roxane“

As she graciously weaves her path among the people glittery stardust trickles out of her sceptre for good luck and health.

Coming from the Antarctic: Penguin Lady „Isbjerga“

A multitude of wondrously shaped cookies are her X-mas gift ... all made of pure ice, of course: little hearts, gum bears, dolphins, stars, Christmas trees

Let´s waltz! Snow-Woman „Blanca“:

Relentlessly Bianca the Snow Woman is dancing the „Snow Waltz“ that sounds out of her stylish handbag. Fond memories of bygone days resurge and soon all the visitors of the winter festivals and the Advent Markets join the dance... smiling happily