„Walk Acts“ - Walking Women

Quite unlike most walking acts Ingrid Irrlicht is on much more than
stilts and colourful costumes.
"Walking Women", Ingrid´s original and spectacular Walk Acts are interactive and feminine.

The audience will be involved in both poetic and hilarious situations.

Click HERE for special winter and Christmas walking acts.

stylish-coquettish: „Lady Black&White with dogs“

Chanel Costume (sewn out of exquisite plastic tablecloth), pillbox hat and two black & white pedigree dogs. Her two bubbly plastic terriers Duncan and Fergie rarely agree with the decisions of their mistress. They love frightening real dogs with sudden clamour, regardless how tall or small, and attacking the calves of innocent passersby.

cracking: „Resi“

Direct import form Munich Oktoberfest!

Impressing, loud, Bavarian!

"Construction Site Performance”

A classic! It is already crowded and then in comes the construction crew. They cordon off a larger plot making matters worse and they begin elaborate preparations undertaking areal measurements etc. And then they do - NOTHING.  It is time for their compulsory break, so they settle down to just eat their snacks, drink beer and read tabloids at length.

gigantic: „Nessie“

Coming directly from Loch Ness. She eats everything: caps of elderly gentlemen, caps of teenagers, cookies, finger food, beer, pro secco... whatever.
She is huge, but very gentle and children quickly love their new big friend.

motherly: „Nessie and Baby“

Nessie and her cute offspring are melting all hearts.

primeval: flock of dinosaurs

Four grown-up dinosaurs and one baby

curious: „Isadora Tucan“

a curious tropical bird, who enjoys sticking its beak into everything .

Let us surprise you!

Bookworm "Fidelia"

Bookworm "Fidelia´s" preferred habitat are... libraries.
She is cuddly like a teddy bear and loves books and hugging people

secure: „Norma, control-organ“

A cybercop, unreachable dream of any homeland officer.

blue-blooded: "Madame Marie Honorine Glycose de la Vanille"

A coquette beauty ... on the run, fleeing fromJosephine´s raging revenge, after having mate-poached Napoleon. Considering herself as his one and only mistress she is looking for a safe hide-away and a galant knight in shining armour.

academic: „Mrs. Livingstone“

Obsessed by her studies of tropical butterflies she mistakes all persons around her for butterflies and methodically pins labels on everybody with the correct scientifical names of the species:  Heliconius numata, Hamearis Lucina, Barbicornis basilis ephippium, Vanessa cardui …  and so on.

galactic: „Invasion from Vega“

We are not alone! Be aware of these ladies’ super scanning power!

abstract: Abstractula

...metamorph and multichanging sculpture of pure movement.

aromatic-thorny: „Rosa, Ambrosia, the wandering rose“

A velvety, shimmering pink rose that always looks for new places to rooting. Sometimes she sits down at a table in the cafe and blossoms to the exclusive enjoyment of the persons nearby.

"Rosa Ambrosia" loves chivalrous conversations and is looking for gentlemen, who dare to kiss her dorny glove...

animalistic: Tropic tree

Amanda & Diethild are best friends and live in a wandering tropical tree.

Wherever the tree takes root in his wanderings, Amanda and Diethild establish funny conversations with the audience.

poetical: La Dorada

When you meet her – colourful, mysterious La Dorada with her swaying net – the time stops for a few seconds... for a moment of happiness, for an instant of respite ... of reflection ... time for laughing ... and what’s that she is whispering when she has caught you in her net?

Coming from the Antarctic: Penguin Lady „Isbjerga“

Can be booked in a summer and a winter version. In hot summers she brings cool relief from the South Pole. Helpfully she plunges ice-cubes into cleavages and shirts of poor humans, suffering from the heat...
In winter nicely shape cookies are her X-mas present... of course made of pure ice.

hynotic: „Lady Uva“ (Lady Grape ?)

Enchanting, mysterious... an apparition from another world

capricious: Southern Belle „Scarlett“

Fainting every now and then into the helpful arms of unsuspecting gentlemen. But it is a no-win situation for her poor victims as she then (reverses the situation and) creates a scandal for her helplessness supposedly being shockingly utilized by the male helper… 

dangerous: „Black Widow Germaine“

... is an attractive mixture of a spider and a latex lady.


tropical: Giant crabs Dolores & Soledad

...watch out! They are bound for kissing you!


White-water canoeist.