„Gaukeleier“ – One-Woman-Comic-Show

In this mime show anything will happen, except classical mime:

Ingrid Irrlicht enchants her audience with enamoured snails, takes them on a ride on Harley-Davidsons, overwhelms them with swamp monsters, chaos symphonies and famous movie scenes on stage... 60 to 90 mins of pure fun.
Anything goes …!

Networking – Performance “Realm of Spider-Woman”

Looking for a highlight for your event? Cross-linking
Literally net-working, impressive, integrating and entertaining?

Then let the spider woman spin her huge, colourful cobweb.

Colourful, mysterious and growing all over the place.
The audience is quickly involved and takes a plunge into networking, interacting and in the end an enormous, multi-coloured spider’s web connects everybody.


In the realm of the Spider Woman (dance theater)

A poetic and mystical enchanted forest. The metamorphoses of the Spider Woman taking place in extremely fine tangle diverse life - and threads of fate. more...